This has been a fun one. Our parents have their thoughts and opinions about Sundays in the summer. What are your thoughts about Sundays in the summer? Email us your thoughts:

Ariella Knobel

Ice cream in Cedarhurst Park. I love chocolate. So does my 13-month old son. My husband likes vanilla.

Chavi Koplowitz

Swimming. Barbecues. I love hamburgers. My kids love hotdogs. Don’t worry, Dr. Lightman – We cut them up before giving them to the kids.

Ronit Pasternak

The sun. Biking. Swimming.

Malky Friedler

Family time. Sunday mornings are relaxed with family breakfasts. Swimming.

Elisheva Swerdloff

Lots of family time. Outdoors time. Loads of fun activities like hiking and playing ball. The park, as long as it’s not boiling hot outside. Getting together with other family members, especially grandparents.

Yael Elias

Great day to spend with the family. It might be at the beach or pool. Perhaps tennis. Barbecues are great.

Reb. Avigayil Neuburger

Summer Sundays beat Winter Sundays because there’s no school! So we then get to hang out as a family. Swimming is a big activity. We appreciate Summer Sundays.

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