Hanukkah 2023 Safety Tips by Dr. Lightman

I feel like a curmudgeon, speaking about safety during such a fun, joyous time. But an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! The excitement of Hanukkah can lead to carelessness, which is something we want to avoid. Plan your Hanukkah with safety in mind, and with G-d’s help, a good and meaningful time will be had by all.

Menorah Safety

  • Place the menorah on a sturdy surface made of a non-flammable material such as stone, glass, or metal. 
  • Do not place the menorah near or under any flammable materials like curtains or books. 
  •  Lock away pets.
  •  Do not walk around while holding a lit candle.
  • Choose a safe location for your menorah: avoid spots where something could fall on it or it could be easily knocked over. 
  • Keep matches and lit objects away from small children.
  •  Keep your menorah safely out of reach of pets and small children. 
  •  Never leave the house with a lit menorah. 
  •  Most “arts and crafts” Hanukkah menorahs made by children are not suitable for lighting and may burn down when used. They should be used for decorative purposes only. But be sure to display them prominently.

Fried Food Safety

  • Make sure that your fire alarms are in working order. 
  •  Never leave the kitchen while frying foods; keep a close eye on the pans or fryer—and that children keep their distance. 
  •  Turn frying pan handles to the back of the stove. 
  •  Flip latkes carefully with a slotted spatula away from you to avoid oil splashing. 
  •  Keep your stove vent turned on while you are frying foods. 
  •  Place cooked food onto a paper-towel on a plate to soak up oil. 
  •  If you are keeping cooked food warm in the oven, remove from the paper towel and keep the temperature low at below 200 degrees and be careful not to drip oil into the oven from the plate. 

Choking Hazards

  • Never leave children unattended with small dreidels or coins.Never leave children unattended with the foil wrapping from chocolate coins.
  •  Pre-install batteries in toys that will require them. Button batteries are especially dangerous if swallowed. 
  • Check the recommended age on toys and gifts. Small parts may be choking hazards, especially for children under the age of 3. 
  •  Make sure that all gift wraps/ribbons/bows are thrown out as small pieces are easily choked on. 

What if, with all the best preparations, there is a fire? Read through this link from https://www.nfpa.org/education-and-research/home-fire-safety/ 

from the National Fire Protection Association. 

Enjoy this Yom Tov. And, as always, daven.



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