Hylton I Lightman MD DCH (SA) FAAP

Another Hallmark holiday is looming – Father’s Day which is celebrated this year on Sunday, June 16th. The Torah’s 5th commandment already assures that each day is Father’s Day. Nonetheless, it is nice to step back and pay homage to the first male figure in our lives, our fathers. We spoke with mothers of patients in the Total Family Care community to hear what they’ve learned from their own Dads, especially now that they are raising their own children.

And please don’t forget – These men love presents. This year’s trend is giving presents that reflect health and well-being and community.

Rena Kornfeld, daughter of David Seidemann
My father will do anything and everything for his kids and grandchildren. Many Fridays, when my husband is not home and I’m cooking for Shabbos, my father will come over and play with my baby so I can get things done.

Rebbitzen Tzippora Weinberger, daughter of Rabbi Daniel Neustadt
My father has taught me that most situations are not exactly what you see. There’s always a larger picture.

Gitty Indich, daughter of Rabbi Tzvi Willner
Make the best of every situation that HaShem sends you. Always smile.

Jennifer Fistel, daughter of Sandy Saka
My father can walk into a room of 200 people, find the one person that doesn’t have a chair and get him a chair. He makes everyone around him comfortable and that they are the only people who matter. He raised, together with my mother, 11 “only” children and taught me how to put other people first and give without expecting in return.

Nechama Walkin, daughter of Rabbi Yaakov Haber
Live life with integrity and always ask yourself – Is this how HaShem wants me to behave in this moment?

Devoiry Rosner, daughter of Dr. Allen Rubin
I’m so proud of my Dad for his dignity and modesty and how he lives his life combining Torah U’Madda. He always treats people with the highest level of respect.

Esti Feldman, daughter of Willy Beer
Use time wisely. Respect for Rabbonim and Talmidei Chachamim.

Liba Weiss, daughter of Moishe Frankel
I admire my father’s considerate and discreet thoughtfulness and generosity.

Yael Garbacz, daughter of Stuart Jacobs
I look up to my Dad for his work ethic, quality of life pursuits, day-in/day-out consistency, and not being a follower of societal silliness.

Rafaella Greenfield, daughter of Dr. Hylton Lightman
He taught me to always have ID and money on me wherever you go because you just never know.

Naava Keehn, daughter of Dr. Hylton Lightman
Always be a big person. Help others. Hold your tongue. Have a smile on your face no matter what’s happening.

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