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In the July 18th issue of the Family First, author Barbara Bensoussan delves into the concept of vaping amongst young children. Although vapes hit the American market in 2005, it recently became more and more common for junior-high students to be found vaping.

In this discussion, Barbara turns to stakeholders and key players in the field to come up with a plan of how to minimize this unhealthy habit.

Dr. Hylton Lightman acted as the medical advisory in this article, as he shared the dangerous effects vaping can place on its users. To quote the article, “Even if there’s no nicotine, the aerosol may contain lead, which causes brain damage,” Dr. Lightman says. “Vaping scars the lungs, and can leave irreversible damages. We’re seeing some effects that suggest there may be long-term effects on the heart and blood vessels as well.”

Dr. Lightman expressed the tantalizing nature of vaping. “Many of the vapes come in interesting flavors that attract kids, and lead people to think vaping is ‘natural,” says Dr. Hylton Lightman, a pediatrician in Far Rockaway.

For more words of wisdom from our very own doctor, read full article here.

OU Magazine Features Dr. Lightman

In the OU’s well-read magazine, Jewish Action, Rachel Schwartzberg discusses the importance of taking charge of one’s health. After focusing on preventative care and testing options for adults, Rachel turns to Dr. Lightman for his take on this topic in the pediatric space. Dr. Lightman impresses upon readers the benefits of children seeing their Primary Care Practitioner for their yearly well visits, encouraging this crucial PCP relationship. “Prevention is Better than Intervention,” he quotes. We want our healthy children to become healthy adults, and the time to start is now.

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