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Teens and Mental Health

Many of us will know when we’re upset but not be sure what we’re feeling. Is it sadness, fear, shame, loneliness, anger or something else? We don’t always know why we’re feeling that way…….
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The Blessing of Uncertainty

Hylton I Lightman, MD, DCH, FAAP   Uncertainty Noun The state of being uncertain Something that is uncertain or causes one to feel uncertain   Uncertainty is part of life and it most certainly sums up the last…
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Summer 2020 – We have our work cut out for us more than ever before

Hylton I Lightman, MC DCH (SA) FAAP   Summer 2020 has begun following the tumultuous Spring 2020.  We know for sure that uncertainty is here to stay and we need to embrace uncertainty.  Yet we can mitigate with some proper planning. …
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My Child Wants

Hylton I Lightman MD DCH(SA) FAAP Things must have shifted in society-at-large and my pediatric office is a small microcosm where a different phenomenon is emerging. Allow me to explain. Pediatricians are, for the most part, warm, friendly,…
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Teens and Sleep

Hylton I Lightman, MD, DCH (SA), FAAP Sleep is important for our teenagers.  Sleep is food for the brain. During sleep, important body functions and brain activity occur.  Yet so many teens are sleep deprived. The National Sleep Foundation…
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Hylton I Lightman, MD, DCH (SA), FAAP Yesterday’s tragic school shooting in Santa Clarita, California, brings into 20/20 focus that this can be an unsafe world. No wonder why anxiety abounds among children today. Our thoughts and prayers…