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No Bumpers, Please

Crib bumpers seem like a way to protect babies from injuries. In reality, a safe crib without bumpers is the best way to go because bumpers increase the risk of SIDS.
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Friendships and Playdates Early in Life

Hylton I Lightman, MD DCH (SA) FAAP On the cuteness scale of 1-10, it’s a 12. I’m talking about watching toddlers and small children play together.  Or two children are on the same mat, each doing his own thing.  It’s a delight…
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Winter Break - Are You Ready?

Hylton I Lightman MD DCH(SA) FAAP As I write, our teenagers are engaged in midterms and the younger ones are chomping for a break. All are hanging onto to the sliver of the proverbial sunrise on the horizon...
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CDC Says “Take 3” Actions to Fight the Flu

Dr. Lightman and Team at Total Family Care has recommended over the years to have a "flu shot". The Flu is a serious contagious disease that can lead to hospitalization and even death. Flu vaccination is the first line...
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The nearly forgotten, Children of Divorce

Hylton I Lightman MD DCH (SA) FAAP A mother said to me, “I made two smart decisions in my life, Dr. Lightman.  The first was to get married and the second was to divorce.  At least I have three beautiful children.” Indeed, her children…
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Walking and Driving with Caution

Hylton I Lightman, MD DCH (SA) FAAP The tragic event on Erev Hanukkah which claimed the life of Dr. Richard Friedman A”H brings into 20/20 focus the importance of walking and driving safety.      Whether your schedule brings…