Chicken pox outbreak in Brooklyn - A Pediatrician's call to action

As a pediatrician on the front lines of primary care, it still boggles my mind that parents in the 21st century will not inoculate their children against childhood diseases.

The Facts about Zika

The WHO’s announcement puts Zika into the same category of threat as the Ebola virus. Let’s inhale and exhale slowly while we provide you with the facts.

How Parents Can Speak to Children of All Ages about Tragedy

Last Friday’s tragic, violent events in Israel and Paris have left us saddened and speechless. Our condolences go out to the families who are suffering: You are in our prayers. As a #pediatrician, father and grandfather, I know that violence can have lasting effect on children, even if they’re learning about it only through the media.

Remembering Yisroel Simcha Possick a”h

Yisroel Simcha Possick ben Aharon Chaim, the son of Ahron Possick, Esther Sara Possick, brother of Menachem and predeceased by his sister, Tema Miriam a”h, epitomized a neshama afflicted with more nisyonos than Iyov. Despite this, he didn’t let himself be defined by his disease. He tried to overcome all the pain and suffering with which Hashem inflicted him through strengthening his emunah and bitachon.